Thursday, December 1, 2011


Here is a little battery box that I came up with along with this switch plate. 

Beginnings of the exhaust hanger and the oil tank. This is an Ironhead oil tank that is in the process of shrinking a couple inches on each side. In hind sight i should have just hammered out my own shape from new metal, this was a pain in the ass. 

Here you can see how much smaller the new tank is. 

Backside of the tank to make up for the lost capacity.

Sitting in the frame with the cap in place.  You can also see the adjustable fender mount so you can slide the fender back a bit when the chain stretches. (nobody notices but if you are a detail weirdo its good to know you can)

tank sitting in place waiting for fittings.  I left the drain plug in it from the old tank so that will be handy down the road. 

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